Gohan-Nikki (ごはん日記)

Introducing my favorite Japanese restaurants.

Norise-kōgensō / Komoro city

In this entry, I introduce the old Japanese-style inn, Norise-kōgensō. A car is necessary to go to the rustic inn located at the foot of Mt. Asama.

The inn, in which I often stay when traveling to Nagano, offers local dishes. It’s not special, but very delicious. One of the main dishes, a meat dish, is cooked well. Rice and Miso soup also.

Salisbury steak with mushroom sauce / きのこソースのハンバーグ / 乗瀬高原荘 (長野県小諸市) Rice and miso soup / ご飯とお味噌汁 / 乗瀬高原荘 (長野県小諸市)

The inn also serves a fish dish, which is one of the main dishes, and a pretty appetizer. Those dishes make all guests so happy.

Appetizers / 鴨肉と生ハム、生魚の冷菜 / 乗瀬高原荘 (長野県小諸市) Sauteed fish with basil sauce and steamed vegetables / 白身魚のバジル風味のムニエルと温野菜の付け合せ / 乗瀬高原荘 (長野県小諸市)

Japanese soba noodles, a special product of Nagano, are offered as well. Of course, soba also makes guests joyful.

Japanese soba noodles with mushrooms / きのこそば / 乗瀬高原荘 (長野県小諸市)

Desserts are made from fruits in season. Most of those are very simple, but the others are refined and good-looking.

Orange / みかん / 乗瀬高原荘 (長野県小諸市) Baked apple with ice cream / 紅玉の焼きリンゴ / 乗瀬高原荘 (長野県小諸市)

The inn is not useful, but I really want to stay there again, because I love its great dishes and the people working there.

Chūjitsu-dō / Funabashi city

In my first entry, I introduce the Chinese-cuisine restaurant, Chūjitsu-dō. The restaurant located near the Keisei-Nakayama station will satisfy customers at a cost of 1,500-2,000 JPY per person.

I used to visit the restaurant frequently when I lived in Chiba. The restaurant offers many original Chinese dishes, for example, noodles with ingredients in season.

Noodles with crab meat and vegetables / 菜の花と蟹肉の和えそば / 忠実堂 (千葉県船橋市) Noodles with Japanese sakura shrimp / 豆苗と桜海老の和えそば / 忠実堂 (千葉県船橋市)

Deep-fried food, stir-fried food and etc.

Fried pork ribs bowl / パーコー飯 / 忠実堂 (千葉県船橋市) Stir-fried prawns and vegetables / 季節野菜と海老の塩炒め / 忠実堂 (千葉県船橋市) Simmered beef tongue / 新じゃがと牛タンの醤油煮込み / 忠実堂 (千葉県船橋市)

Almost all dishes offered there are delicious and so mild. The restaurant offers many types of dishes, so it’s so easy to pick your favorite one out of them.

Steamed yesso scallop with XO sauce / 帆立のXO醤蒸し / 忠実堂 (千葉県船橋市) Baked Chinese dumplings / 焼き餃子 / 忠実堂 (千葉県船橋市)

Almond pudding offered there is also good. Customers can order almond pudding with fruit sauce, which shows the current season.

Caramelized almond pudding / 焼き杏仁豆腐 / 忠実堂 (千葉県船橋市) Almond pudding with cherry blossom sauce / さくらの杏仁とうふ / 忠実堂 (千葉県船橋市)

Cooking often takes a long time there, but I don’t mind at all, because all dishes offered by the restaurant are so delicious.